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L-3 PVS-7B
L-3 PVS-7B

Our Price: $3,999.00

Product Code: NV.L3.004


The AN/PVS-7B/D has long been a standard issue Night Observation Device with US Military Forces and their allies. It is the most widely recognized NV unit in the world and features excellent performance and user-friendly controls. The PVS-7 can be configured for hands-free helmet/head mount or hand held operation. It includes a built-in IR illuminator for short-range IR assistance in complete darkness and has an in-unit LED warning light to remind the operator that others wearing NV devices can see the IR source.

This model of the PVS-7B uses a Gen3 Litton Auto-Gated image intensifier. These are top of the line tubes that offer protection from bright light sources. This safe guard helps protect your eyes by diminishing bloom and halo from bright lights, allowing you to stay on target and on mission. The Auto-Gated tube also helps protect the unit from exposure to bright light, ensuring the sensitive tube is not damaged.

The PVS-7 has served US war fighters for years and continues to give them the edge on the battlefield today. Also in heavy use by Law Enforcement Agencies across the country

Manufacturer: L-3 EOS

Dimensions: 6.375″(L) x 6.0″(W) x 3.0″(H)

Weight: 1 lb. 8oz.

Finish: Matte Black, Corrosion Resistant

Power: Two (2) Standard AA Batteries

Battery Life: Approx. 30 Hours at Room Temp.

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

OPTICAL: ——————————-

Generation: Gen3 U.S. Litton

Resolution: 64 lp/mm Typical

Film: Thin-Filmed

Gate: Auto

Gain: Auto

Magnification: 1x

FOV: 40º

Objective Lens: F/1.2

Ocular Lens: EFL 26mm

Diopter: +2 to -6

Focus: 10″ to Infinity

INCLUDED: Tube Data Card, Soft Carry Case, MILSPEC Headgear with Extra Brow Pads, Two (2) AA Batteries, Demist Shield (X2), Sacrificial Window, Lens Paper, Operating Manual, Warranty Card

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