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Night Vision Training
NVG Operator Course & NVG Train The Trainer Courses

Conducting tactical operations using night vision equipment requires knowledge, understanding and tactical competency with both NV equipment and tactics. Since 2012 we have trained hundreds of Local, County, State and Federal SWAT Officers throughout the United States in the tactical use of Night Vision devices. Since 2017 we've teamed up with Retired SGM Jamey Caldwell of 1 Minute Out for our night vision training. For our NVG Operators Course we take a crawl, walk, run format to this training as we believe it is important to form a solid foundation to build on. Our courses teach tactically sound procedures based on best practices and lessons learned from both the L.E. Tactical and US Military Special Operations communities. This course is restricted to LE/MIL and is AZ P.O.S.T. approved. This is a course we developed and is the ONLY NVG Course to be adopted by the National Tactical Officers Association as an official NTOA course offering.

Available in 2 day, 3 day, or more, this course covers the systematic approach to equipment selection, it's use, advantages, and limitations. We cover legal and training issues and operational considerations through classroom discussions, practical exercises, live fire range drills and scenario based field problems using marking rounds. We can also customize this course to meet your needs.

NVG Train The Trainer Courses

We also offer our NVG Train The Trainer Course. This course is specifically designed to prepare Tactical Officers to conduct safe, competent and relevant night vision training for their team/agency. Students will conduct teach backs and receive source documents for use in developing a night vision training program for their team.

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For additional information or to host this course please contact us at:
path@emergingtacticalsolutions.com or call us at: 602 885-1160

What our clients have to say.
I was lucky enough to observe one of the first iterations of this training course, and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of both the instructors and the course they developed. The instructor cadre is extremely committed to providing first-rate training to the law enforcement community, and their dedication shows in the care they take and in the product they deliver.

I know of no more sincere form of flattery than to say when I was asked to teach a NVG course by the Department of State to a group of foreign SWAT officers, I did it based on the NVG Operator course I observed.

MSG Kurt Weber, United States Special Forces (Retired)

“After looking for available NVG training and finding none or getting no response, I learned of Pat Hickcox and his two day NVG Course. Pat was easy to work with and we set up training for my entire team in my area. His training was well planned, safe and on point. He demystified NVG’s for my guys, covered available equipment, searching buildings, live fire and legal issues. As a team commander, he provided training in all of the areas I would expect for my operators and we have a solid foundation to build upon. If a team has this equipment, they need Pat’s class.”

SWAT Commander, Southern California Law Enforcement Agency

Pat, once again, thank you for the GREAT course(s) that you put on in MN two weeks ago. I learned more in two days with you than I did in fourteen years of infantry experience with the USMC and National Guard. Your course was fun, interesting and informational. Nicely done! I hope you are doing well my friend. It was a pleasure to finally meet you. Stay Dangerous.

Brad - SWAT Sgt. Minnesota

Pat Hickcox was a great instructor! If your SWAT team has NVD's, this is the man to show you how to operate with them and maximize your tactical capabilities during low and no light.

Matt - SWAT Sgt. Minnesota

Pat Hickox has been a significant supporter of the Rocky Mountain Tactical Team Association. He has provided unsurpassed Night Vision Operator training at our training conference last month. This training was extremely well received and we are thankful for his gracious support. I do not have any reservations to recommending Pat or his company for training and equipment needs. I have also attended his training outside the realm of the RMTTA and again concur that he has an outstanding training curriculum. If your team or agency is exploring implementing NVG equipment selection or looking for training I highly suggest you look into Pat Hickcox.

Sgt. Ian Stewart - RMTTA President

Some of those we have trained:
  • Arlington, TX PD
  • Atlantic County, NJ S.O.
  • Austin, TX PD
  • AZ ANG
  • AZ DPS
  • Berkley P.D.
  • Boise PD
  • Boulder County S.O.
  • Brown County S.O.
  • Buckeye P.D.
  • Chandler PD
  • Chisago County S. O.
  • Cobb County PD
  • College Station P.D.
  • Covina, CA PD
  • East Haven, CT
  • El Paso County S.O.
  • Flagstaff PD
  • Fort Worth P.D.
  • Fulton County PD
  • Garden City, KS PD
  • Glendale, PD
  • Harris County S.O.
  • Houston P.D.
  • Jefferson County S.O.
  • Kansas State Police
  • Larimer County S.O.
  • Las Vegas Metro PD
  • League City, TX
  • Maricopa County S.O.
  • Meridian PD
  • Mesa PD
  • Montgomery County, TX
  • Niagara County S.O.
  • Ogden PD
  • Orange County S.O.
  • Orlando, FL PD
  • Phoenix PD
  • Pima County S.O.
  • Pinal County S.O.
  • Pinellas County S.O.
  • Prescott PD
  • Ramsey County S.O.
  • Salt River PD
  • St. Paul PD
  • San Bernardino County S.O.
  • Santa Barbara County S.O.
  • Scottsdale PD
  • South Carolina DNR
  • South Haven, CT PD
  • Tucson PD
  • Yavapai County S.O.
  • DEA
  • US Marshals Service
  • USSS

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